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Stories with Hat

Author: Luciano Saracino

Original Publication: autoedition, Argentina. (2018)

Format: 64 color pages, 17,5 cm x 25 cm.


This book is, in fact, many books.

If a child reads it, will be a children's book. If an adult reads it, will be an adults book. But if they read it together will be thousands of books at the time.


"Stories with Hat" is a picture book with short stories string together by a story: the one of the main character who looks for his ideal hat through the pages of the book after the wind (great enemy of the hats) stole it from him at door of a store. This is how the moon tries on his hat, he run into mermaids, pirates, cowboys and finally finds the ideal owner at the feet of a famous vagabond ...

Readers will find here fantastic stories, poetry, humor, intrigue, mystery, in love, unloved, dark beings and full of light ... and all the stories you imagine to take off  your hat!



Available rights for all languages.


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