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Pam, the wicked plant

Author: Paula Fernández

Original Publication: Ojoreja - Argentina. (2010)

Format: 24 color pages, 25,5cm x 25,5 cm.


Having courage to meet the most carnivorous and fun of the Plants, it`s a whole experience. Pam, the wicked Plant beautiful and arrogant, with her smile of white and sharp teeth’s, and her attractive stalks that seems like tentacles, is a true diva that enjoys life at maximum. As gluttonous as seductive, she will unravel the secrets of her delicious world to us, taking a preferential place on the podium of monsters that children come to love.

"Hello from swampy lands,
my name is little Pam.
I’m not like other beings
instead I’m a wicked plant".


Available rights for all languages except Spanish and Portuguese.


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