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Milo, the bad cat

Author: Sergio Di Giorgi

Original Publication: Riderchaild - Argentina. (2018)

Format: 24 color pages, 25cm x 25cm.


Milo looks like a very bad cat, but looks can be deceiving.

One afternoon, lying on the sidewalk, he stretched and opened his mouth in an angry yawn. 
-You have a cavity!  -said a man in a white smock carrying a black briefcase.
Milo was so startled that he stood very still, staring at the man with his mouth.
The man pulled a couple of tools out of his briefcase and began working on the tooth. 
-He said, "You don't have to eat so much candy and it's a good idea to brush your teeth every day. 
After a few minutes he said:    
-All right!  Job done.   
Milo was so relieved that he had no choice but to say goodbye to the man with a smile. 

The neighbors who knew him well were not used to seeing him smile because Milo never smiled. 

He was so happy that he kept purring...
...and watching him play like the other cats,
everyone knew he wasn't a bad cat, 
it was the tooth that was bad.


Available rights for all languages except Spanish.


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